John Sovero is Vice President of 1ST TEAM Staffing Services, Inc. John has worked for 1ST TEAM since 1992. During that time he has worked in many different capacities with the company, with his main focus being of business development through sales and client relations. In 2002 John was promoted to his current position, and currently oversees the sales and account executive team; as well as, continuing to develop client relationships through daily contact.

His father, Richard Sovero, founded the company in 1982 and continued to lead 1ST TEAM until 2004. Though retired Mr. Sovero still remains involved in 1ST TEAM Staffing in a Consultant role, lending his over forty years of Staffing experience to John.

After graduating from Loyola High School in 1989 John attended Georgia Southern University. John is an avid outdoorsman enjoying fishing, hunting, and golf. He is currently married with four children, two boys and two girls.