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1ST TEAM Staffing excels at building successful, long-term partnerships. With more than 25 years serving the Mid-Atlantic region, 1ST TEAM knows the marketplace and works exclusively to achieve our clients’ goals. Our passion and integration into your entire process makes the difference. We work with you from recruitment, to identifying and matching the best candidate, orientating them to your business, and following up on performance.

Case Mason…

“As a contract company, Case Mason needed an experienced, trustworthy, and team-oriented staffing partner that had enough scale to handle peak seasons with reliable and qualified associates. 1ST TEAM Staffing was the only staffing agency that could meet our needs.

1ST TEAM offered us the temp workforce we needed, as well as strong overall employee relations advice. They asked the right questions, learned our business, and provided ideas to solve our challenges. We have worked with them on a consultative basis for advice and candidate funnel for full-time employees, and they taught our management team new approaches to improving performance that impacted the overall culture of our organization.

I consider 1ST TEAM a member of our team. They care about our success and the future of our employees. I recommend 1ST TEAM Staffing over any other staffing agency and I have the business statistics to support it!”

Bill Gross, SVP
Operations & Quality Control
Case Mason

Rite Aid…

“In our business heavy shipping volumes and changing market demands require an aggressive staffing plan. A tried-and-true key to our success is 1ST TEAM Staffing. 1ST TEAM has always positioned themselves as a partner of Rite Aid and our managers. They fully submerge their team into Rite Aid’s operations and culture, providing us with full-time on site support, integrated reporting mechanisms, flexibility, and timely staffing solutions.

Over the past three years, 1ST TEAM has sponsored and participated in our charitable events including our annual golf tournament and semi-annual flag football tournament benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network. I look forward to continuing our relationship with 1ST TEAM, and the rewards and successes that Rite Aid will experience as a result.”

Tim Peifley
General Manager
Mid-Atlantic Rite Aid